Allerton Waste Recovery Park


Allerton Waste Recovery Park
Location: Allerton, North Yorkshire
End Client: AmeyCespa
Main Contractor: Vinci Environnement SAS

Allerton Waste Recovery Park is a new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility which will bring together state of the art technologies. Construction began in 2015 and the facility is expected to be on line and fully operational by 2018. The facility is designed to mechanically sort household waste, some of which will be anaerobically digested to recover energy in the form of biogas. The remaining waste, an estimated 320,000 tonnes per year will be incinerated and will produce sufficient energy to provide power to around 40,000 households located near the site.

Integrate Engineering Resources continues to work with a number of clients on site at Allerton Waste Recovery Plant. We supply experienced contractors for various phases of the development and construction and have established a strong reputation for delivering an efficient and effective service to our clients. For further information on our work with Allerton Waste Recovery Park please email or call 0121 506 9150.